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We have created manage an e-learning system, for making life more abundant by looking at one’s self over the course of 12 months. A broad study across Heart, Business, Relationships, Finance, and more, the ”HEARTFUL LIFE SCHOOL” is a course for establishing your “Center Axis”. We have expanded beyond Japan, currently exceeding 2000 members all across the world.
Member Growth

2014 (October)       Launched

2015             573 members

2016             632 members

2017             629 members

2018             553 members
e-learning System Details

Fee:                            ¥12,000/month or ¥115,200/year

Services provided

  • Private Member Website “Heartful Life School”
  • Daily Voice Messages
  • Weekly Writing Course
  • Bi-weekly Listening Course
  • Monthly Exclusive Video
  • Zoom Seminars, accessible from all over the world
  • “Symposiums” – Meetings held in major cities for in-person communication
  • “Community Forum”- Online community for members
  • Additional Exclusive Contents
  • Customer Support

Member Website

The contents of the private member website “Heartful Life School” updates daily in accordance to when you became a member. Daily content is added according to the pace of study of the individual, allowing each member to continue at their own pace.

Additionally, we provide a page where you can find Zoom Seminar information, Symposium registration and backdated video where you can get a peek of anything you may have missed due to conflicts.

We also provide “Communication Forum”, a page where members can interact and plan events.
Online Projects

For members participating from all over the world, we hold monthly “Zoom Symposiums” online. We also have monthly special events such as Q & A and writing courses.

“Symposiums” – Meetings held in major cities for in-person communication.

This is an event filled with rich content: Writing Courses, BookBook Exchange Meetings, Q & A where any questions that may have come up during your daily studies of “Heartful Life School” can be addressed, and more.
Voice of Members

Even though we have not requested any feedback, we hear members voicing their joy and gratitude everyday. “Heartful Life School” is overflowing with praise from members.

We are grateful for members studying here, at the platform of Hiroaki Kamimura’s strong hope for spreading knowledge of abundance with people all over the world.



We hold seminars introducing methods such as “The Law of Attraction” and “The Dimartini Method” regarding Heart, Business, Relationships, Finance and more. Each seminar we hold has been said to be well balanced, neither partial to business, heart, nor  the how to.
Seminar Overview

The Mirror Rule Seminar

A seminar for tiding the state of your heart. Coach lead workshop, limited to small group format.

Our popular seminar that mostly sells out as soon as registration opens. It is said to be the “Most valuable sharing of knowledge” of our seminars.

Fee:                         ¥98,000 (Discounted rate available after first time)

Held every June and December in Tokyo and Osaka.
Financial Freedom Seminar

A seminar for learning about “Money”. Coach lead workshop, limited to small group format.

Studying the know-how of accomplishing financial freedom along with the intimate relation of “Money” “Relationships” “Heart” and the true meaning of freedom of the heart.

Fee:                         ¥98,000 (Discounted rate available after first time)

Held every June and December in Tokyo and Osaka
Life Design Seminar

An online seminar that you can join from anywhere in the world.

“True way of being” result oriented course with a focus on writing.

Currently offering special price at ¥10,000.

The Mirror Rule Seminar

2015 (June/December)                     125 attendants

2016 (June/December)                     134 attendants

2017 (June/December)                     136 attendants

2018 (June/December)                     120 attendants
Financial Freedom Seminar

2015 (March/September)                 95 attendants

2016 (March/September)                 116 attendants

2017 (March/September)                 98 attendants

2018 (March/September)                 111 attendants
Life Design Seminar Launched 2019

2019 (February)                                 447 attendants


Consulting for tidying your Center Axis to live as your true self, whether an individual or corporation. Reexamining and tidying life’s overall balance, covering various topics such as: career and business; relationships, family, spirituality; and furthermore, partnerships and romantic relationships.

For those participating in Corporate Consulting, we start with tiding up the basics and then move on to Sales Increase Consulting through Business Structure Building and the harmonization of relationships within the company.
Miracle Coaching

“Miracle Coaching” is a 3-5person small group coaching launched in 2011.

I started this coaching due to personal requests from friends and acquaintances and I have currently found myself on the 11th round.


  1. Tiding balance of life
  2. Acknowledging and enhancing self-worth
  3. Tuning/Adjusting outer being

Total coordination of life.

We have received much feedback from members saying they experienced an instant leap in life, calling it “Life’s Shortcut”.

Fee:                         ¥100,000/month paid over 6 months

(¥550,000 if paid up front. Discounted rate available after first time)

Currently offering 2 term, January and July start.

Held in Tokyo and Osaka.

60-80 attendants per year.

New businesses have been built from graduates coming together.
One on One Consulting

We currently only offer One on One Consulting upon request.

Fee:                         ¥200,000-¥300,000/consult

I can be consulting 1-3 clients at any given time, term available at clients requests.

LOGOSTRON Authorized Retailer


A product developed for evolution of human consciousness as an attempt to translate our words into frequency.

With more and more businesses, salons, schools, and other organizations introducing this technology today, we have started handling LOGOSTRON as one of the few authorized retailers.

If awareness shifts, the world will shift…

A “Consciousness Evolution Learning Machine”. A device based on the study of Kotodama (Power of Words), which has been passed down over the centuries, fused with today’s technology.

Based on Ancient Shamanism to today’s latest science and information system studies, LOGOSTORN is a device that Digitizing the energy of words.


Devices Sold

2017                         10

2018                         104